Isklar Norseman 2018 – LIVE

SLOW TV was invented in Norway. In 2017 we adapted it to Norseman.

According to YouTube we had viewers in 177 countries (if we include the one lonely triathlete watching us from Madagascar)

This year we´re back. Even if we succeeded with our goals last year, there was plenty room for improvement. So when we return with Isklar Norseman LIVE – 2018 on August 4th we do so with the confidence that we can share our race, our nature and our communities with even more stunning footage and energy. Prepare for a 14 hour journey through some of Norways most spectacular landscapes, following triathletes that has set their goals a little bit above and beyond most others.

We have the leaderboard, map and LIVE broadcast gathered here:

Live broadcast only

Map only

Leaderboard and results 

The broadcast will once again be hosted by the unstoppable Philip O’Connor. He will be supported by 220 Triathlon Editor Helen Webster who will be out on the race course following the race minute by minute.

Helen Webster

Philip O’Connor










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June 29, 2018