Important Safety message

The first part of the bike segment is partly on what is called Gamleveien  – "The old road". 

Last year there was a rock slide on a part of this road. The affected area has not yet been rebuilt. Most likely it will stay closed yet another season. 

For our participating athletes this means the following:

  • During the race when they reach this point they will leave the old road and ride the Måbø tunnel on the main road. The tunnel is approximately one kilometer. When exiting the tunnel they will return to the old road for the final segment.
  • All athletes must have the following when starting the bike leg. Lights in front and back of bike and a reflective vest or jacket. Athletes will not be allowed to leave T1 without this in place. We strongly recommend that the athletes bring the stuff with them from home as there no shops for this in Eidfjord.
  • The affected area are strictly forbidden to enter both during training and race.

June 7, 2013