Important Notice to all 2014 athletes and support

As you are aware of, all athletes will have to pass through the Måbø tunnel where there has been a rockslide on the old road. Due to recent incidents in the tunnel, local road authorities have asked us to do some adaptations to our race while passing this section. 

During todays Race briefing you will be informed about the following new rule: 

  • There will be no passing of any kind while in the tunnel
  • Cars may NOT pass cars or bikes.
  • Bikes may NOT pass other bikes or cars.
  • All athletes will exit the tunnel in the same order as they entered.
  • Robby says it will be kind of similar to the safety laps done in Formula 1

In addition:

Support vehicles may not stop at any point before the top of Vøringsfossen (the fist 18 kilometers) to support their athletes. 

Violations of theses rule will result in immediate disqualification. 

We do apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause. This is a safety matter for you and us. 

August 1, 2014