Enrollment 2016

Starting this year we will have a draw that lets future returning applicants get a better chance of getting a starting slot. If you apply for 2016 with no luck and apply again for 2017 you will get two chances in the 2017 draw.

For safety reasons, Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is limited to 250 athletes. For the same reason, the number of athletes allowed to finish on top of the mountain is limited to 160. Those arriving later complete their iron-distance at the mountain plateau below the peak. And all this for the prize of a t-shirt: Black for those who finish on top of the mountain; white for those who finish on the plateau below. All equally fabulous.

Enrollment will open on Wednesday October 28th and will close on Sunday November 1st at 18:00 CET. This is NOT a first come first serve event. All who enroll at any time during the days that enrollment is open, have a ticket in the draw.
The participation fee is NOK 3000. To register, you will need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard (there are no exceptions to this).

Due to our very limited capacity, we can only accept individual applications.

The new draw
If you apply for 2016 with no luck and apply again for 2017 you will get two chances in the 2017 draw. If you´re unlucky again for 2017 and try for 2018 you will get three chances and so on. This will never be a guarantee for a slot, but it will improve your chances compared to people registering for the first time.

Everyone will start with “one chance” for the 2016 race. We are not looking backwards. Prior years registrations will not be eligible.

When we start enrollment on October 28. the following will apply: To register for the draw we will have an administration fee* of NOK 90 (approx. EUR 10). This fee will in full (minus transaction costs) be donated to our charity partner. You will receive a confirmation mail confirming enrollment into the draw containing your unique Norseman ID. This ID will be your key to letting us recognise you in future draws.

Read the full information about the draw and enrollment process here.

October 20, 2015