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High intensive interval training for Norseman?

How do you train to best prepare for a long-distance triathlon like the Norseman? With finisher times spanning the range of 10-20 hours, it is a long haul.

Making the 2020 Jump

Triathletes from all over the world have entered the year with a very specific jump in mind.

Purity Sets Norseman Apart

I’m a lucky man. From the Olympics to soccer’s World Cups, from Madison Square Garden to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I get to travel the world covering sports, but for all these headline-grabbing events there is one event that still remains true and pure, and that is the Norseman.

2020 Starts Now

5025 people replied: “YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT ME”

Supernatural – Norseman 2019

A film by Robby MacBeath & BigHug Media.

Thank you to Isklar, Zalaris, Renault, Bunde Gruppen, Winforce, Intersport and all our partners for making our little event possible.