The Lucky Numbers

The 2019 athlete BIB numbers have been assigned.

What is SIPE? – More Norseman Research

The Norseman Research Team has just published another paper. This time it is a series of case reports regarding SIPE among starters at Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Don’t know what SIPE is? Read on, and we will take you through what you need to know.

When is Cold too Cold?

We have just published a study which started back at Norseman 2015. That year, the Hardangerfjord was cold, and in the Safety and Medical team we needed information about how this would affect the triathletes. We couldn’t find much useful info.

Norseman 2019 – Invitation to join research project

The Norseman Research Team will continue it´s research efforts in 2019. This year we have been joined by more great researchers.

Who is Jumping

The list of 2019 Isklar Norseman athletes is ready. Also introducing the Xtri World championships.

Delight and dismay on Norseman’s longest day

The race itself takes up a whole day, but that is nothing compared to the wait to find out if you’ve got lucky and drawn a spot for next year’s race.