Back to Basic – 2013 Enrollment

The 11th edition of Norseman Xtreme Triathlon will be held on August 3rd. 2013. After a spectacular two day anniversary event this year we are now back to normal.


Enrollment will be open at 7 am CET, Saturday October 27th and close a week later, at 7 am CET Saturday November 3rd 2012. This is NOT a first come first serve event. All who enroll at any time during the week that enrollment is open, have a ticket in the lottery.

The participation fee is NOK 2750. To register, you will need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.

Please note that when you register, we will request an authorization for NOK 2750 on your credit card. We will NOT charge your card unless you are awarded a slot in the 2013 race.

Due to our very limited capacity, we can only accept individual applications.  

We expect to finalize the lottery by November 10th.  

Race manual

Prior to registration you will be required to carefully read and  u n d e r s t a n d  our Race Manual. The manual for the 2013 is available for preview and download here


We will award a total of 310 slots. By experience, this will leave us with 250 athletes on race day. We have given careful attention to putting as many slots as possible into the lottery. We have drastically reduced the number of athletes seeded as elite, and we have also trimmed down the sponsor, media and race director quotas. 




Lottery 236 50% Norwegian nationals
50% other nationalities
Hereof 15% women 
Elite Women 5 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 11 hours or faster on an ironman distance race or similar.
Top Norseman finishers are of course eligible.
Elite Men 15 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 9 hours 30 minutes or faster on an ironman distance race or similar.
Top Norseman finishers are of course eligible. 
Local participants 4 These slots are exclusively reserved for athletes from the host communities of Eidfjord and Tinn
Media 10 Allocated at the discretion of the press team to media requesting slots for specific projects that provide the race with major national or international media presence
Race Director 5 These slots are offered by personal invitation from the Norseman race director only
Sponsors 30 Without sponsors, we would not be able to organize this race for you. We are happy to have sponsors that are very dedicated to the sport and this event. Their slots are allocated directly by them
Someone special 5

There is always someone special out there. This winter we will start looking for the individuals that really put themselves on the line to make a difference in the world of triathlon. This could be race-directors, coaches, athletes, supporters or someone we just never thought about. The key here is that you will have to nominate them. An international jury will be assessing the nominations and making the selection.

Stay tuned, we will let you know when we start accepting nominations for "someone special".

Sum 310