Adjusted finish time for female winner

In the days following the 2016 Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, the owner of the race Hardangervidda Triatlonklubb (HTK) received information from three sources independently of each other that the female winner during the last 5 k of the run up Mt. Gausta received help from her support team that could be in violation with the rules regarding outside assistance.

Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is a competition that strictly relies on the athlete’s loyalty and self-control when it comes to fair play, assistance and safety. When reports of violation of these codes even involves a winner of the race, it becomes a case about Norseman´s liability and reputation. Hence the board of HTK, the Norseman owner, had to take action.

A jury consisting of Race Director, Race Marshall Chief, two 2016 Norseman athletes and a legal advisor was appointed by the HTK board and given the authority to investigate the matter and interview the involved parties, and then make a decision on sanction, if any.

The jury’s conclusion:

«The 2016 female winner received opportunistic, beneficial support during the last 5 km of the run leg. Since the amount of advantage she gained through this is difficult to calculate, two documented episodes were taken into account.

She will get a sum of 20 (5+15) minutes time penalty for the respective episodes, to be added her finishing time. The corrected finishing time will be 12:24:52».

The full protocol from the jury meeting is found here (in Norwegian):

September 8, 2016