A Norwegian Double

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon was first held in 2003 and for the first time since 2004 Norwegians topped both the male and female podium.  Winner Line Foss said after finishing: "Finally after several tries, this was the day when everything worked out." 

Allan Hovda won the men’s class with time 10:52:07 and the women’s winner time was 12:56:27

Norway’s happiest triathlete, Allan Hovda, secured the victory running up Zombie Hill, the start of the final ascent, finishing with 18 minutes down to the second man, Lars Christian Vold. Among the women the gap down to second place Maggie Rush (US) was an impressive 43 minutes 

Adding headwinds, rain, hail, thick fog to the 226 kilometer and 5000 meters ascent race made it a very rough day for the athletes. 260 athletes representing 30 nations started diving from a ferry into an (for Norseman) pleasant 16 degrees  warm Eidfjord. Weather is always a factor, and this year the competition had it all, and still 247 completed the race.

Former Norseman winner, Tom Remman was second out of the water, but already on the bike he took the lead. Tom Remman retained lead across Hardangervidda, but was slowly overtaken by Scottish Graeme Stewart. Into T2 they had another three gentlemen on their tail. Allan Hovda, Lars-Petter Stormo and Lars-Christian Vold all left for the run within minutes of each other.

On the womans side Melany Wasesly early took the lead on the bike and came first to T2. Leaving T2 side by side with with Line Foss she stayed in second place until the final ascent up the mountain.  

1953 athletes representing 51 countries applied for the 2014 race.

Complete results are available here

Photo: Delly Carr

August 4, 2014