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You are all winners! (again)

Last year about this time we had sent out a total of 2000 e-mails with various kinds of news. Very early this morning we sent almost 2400. The short article below is what we told the lottery applicants last year and it´s as valid this year as it was then. As much as we wold love to welcome you all, it´s just not within the bounds of our true, basic and unique little volunteer driven race.

Love and respect from all of us in the Isklar Norseman Team

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For a Good Cause

This spring our incredible friendly title sponsor Isklar teamed up with United Bakeries  and set up a USD 10 000 prize to the winners of Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2014

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A Norwegian Double

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon was first held in 2003 and for the first time since 2004 Norwegians topped both the male and female podium.  Winner Line Foss said after finishing: "Finally after several tries, this was the day when everything worked out." 

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Important Notice to all 2014 athletes and support

As you are aware of, all athletes will have to pass through the Måbø tunnel where there has been a rockslide on the old road. Due to recent incidents in the tunnel, local road authorities have asked us to do some adaptations to our race while passing this section. 

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