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Race information

All the information you will need to participate is available at this section.

Please read the “Race Manual” thoroughly before you decide to do the race. We don’t want you to be disappointed because of wrong expectations. The race is different from all other races. It is harder than any other long-distance race. It demands more of you, amongst other things because you need your own support to participate.

If you do the race, you will probably tell your friends afterwards that Norseman was more beautiful, demanding, personal, camaraderie, frightening, and to reach the finish line was a greater victory and joy than any other race you have ever done. You will probably tell your friends that everybody should do the race once in their lifetime.

If, on the other hand, a friend told you this story, then it is time to warn you. During the Norseman, you will probably be cold, you will hate the hills, sometimes you will feel lonely and you will probably experience being unusually emotional during the weekend. 

Please do not decide to do the race before you have read the Race Manual!

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