We have through our brief history seen a steady rise in the number of people wanting to participate. In 2009 we switched from a “first come first serve” to a draw for the Norseman starting slots. For 2016 a record number of almost 3100 athletes representing 63 countries wanted to race.

Even if we have some lucky athletes out there who strike “gold” on their first try in the draw, we know of many who keep trying year after year without luck. For the 2016 race we made some changes to the entry process so that we in the future could have a better chance to accommodate the ones that try to get a slot year after year.

The “new” draw**

When we start enrollment on November 2nd at 9pm CET, the following will apply: To register for the draw we will have an administration fee* of NOK 90 (approx. EUR 10). This fee will in full (minus transaction costs) be donated to our charity partner. You will receive a confirmation mail confirming enrollment into the draw containing your unique Norseman ID. This ID will be your key to letting us recognise you in future draws.

Enrollment will  will close on Sunday November 6st at 18:00 CET. This is NOT a first come first serve event. All who enroll at any time during the days that enrollment is open, have a ticket in the draw.
You will need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard (there are no exceptions to this).

Due to our very limited capacity in our race, we can only accept individual registrations for the draw.

If you applied for 2016  with no luck and apply again for 2017 you will get two chances in the 2017 draw. If you´re unlucky again for 2017 and try for 2018 you will get three chances and so on. This will never be a guarantee for a slot, but it will improve your chances compared to people registering for the first time.


Race manual

Prior to registration you will be required to carefully read and  u n d e r s t a n d  our Race Manual.

We are following the competition rules of The Norwegian Triathlon Federation (NTF). The NTF competition rules adhere to the International Triathlon Union (ITU) competition rules, so that if your knowledge of Norwegian is limited you can focus on studying the ITU competition rules.



If you get lucky?

If you have luck in our 2017 draw, we will send you a mail confirming this. The mail will contain an personal access code for our registration site. You will have 7 days to complete the registration and payment. If you for whatever reason have not completed your registration within this time limit, the slot will be passed on to an athlete on our “runners-up” list.

The participation fee is NOK 3000. Your slot is not confirmed until payment is done. You will need a valid credit card, either Visa or Mastercard to pay (there are no exceptions to this).

We expect to finalize the draw by November 13. and  d e a d l i n e  for payment will be November 20.


We will award a total of 305 slots. By experience, this will leave us with about 250 athletes on race day. We have given careful attention to putting as many slots as possible into the draw.





The draw 236 Hereof minimum 15% women


Elite Women 5 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 10:30 hours or faster on an “iron” distance race or similar. Top Norseman, Celtman and Swissman finishers are of course eligible to apply. Only results from 2014, 2015 or 2016 are valid.


Elite Men 15 Allocated by a jury, based on merits. Minimum requirement is 9 hours 15 minutes or faster on an “iron” distance  race or similar. Top Norseman, Celtman and Swissman finishers are of course eligible to apply. Only results from 2014, 2015 or 2016 are valid.


Local participants 4 These slots are exclusively reserved for athletes residing in the host communities of Eidfjord and Tinn.


Media 5 Allocated at the discretion of the press team to media requesting slots for specific projects that provide the race with major international media attention.


Race Director 10 These slots are offered by personal invitation from the Norseman race director only.


Sponsors 30 Without sponsors, we would not be able to organize this race for you. We are happy to have sponsors that are very dedicated to the sport and this event.


Sum 305


The Runners Up list.

We do not have a waiting list. But when we do the draw we also draw a “Runners Up” list. If there any of the athletes that have been awarded a slot in the draw pulls out or fails to pay during the first 7 days after the draw, these slots will be drawn among the people on the Runners Up list. The Runners Up list will be discontinued on December 7th.

Limited capacity in the enrollment period

From enrollment start until a week after the results of the draw has been communicated we will have limited capacity to reply to e-mails.

*  The administration fee is non refundable.

** The race organizer may change the criteria for the draw and the quotas for the race at any time.